Over the last 6 months, the Committee for Tactical Emergency Casualty Care through Dr. Josh Bobko and the special populations working group has been developing a specific set of pediatric TECC medical guidelines for use in high threat scenarios. Although pediatric patients are commonly involved and commonly injured, the distinct lack of evidence for the use of many trauma interventions in this population made it difficult to create a true evidenced-based set of guidelines. As such, lead by Dr. Bobko and using a combination of review of existing literature, current and anecdotal best practices, and based on pediatric specific physiology, this set of treatment guidelines was created through an expert consensus-based process.

These guidelines are draft only, and are being distributed for review and comment to the TECC stakeholders. As such, feel free to review and comment through the 'contact us' tab on the website. We will be discussing and finalizing these guidelines at the full Committee meeting in December.

v1 DRAFT Pediatric TECC Guidelines