On July 16, 2015—24 year old Mohammad Abdulazeez opened fire with a high powered assault rifle on a military recruiting station in Chattanooga, TN. The suspect fired between 30—45 rounds at the building be-fore fleeing as police responded.

The suspect then traveled 7 miles down the road to a nearby US Navy / Marine Reserve Center, opening fire and killing 5 service members before being shot and killed by responding law enforcement.

This is not the first time a military recruitment station has been targeted within the US. In 2009 a service member was killed in Little Rock, Arkansas at a recruitment station and in 2012 Yonathan Melaku shot at sev-eral military installations across the region including the Pentagon .

The shooter had two long guns in his possession as well as a handgun, the multiple weapons indicates the shooter was prepared for a gunfight with his targets and first responders.

  • As indicated in prior bulletins the military recently raised their security level to FPCON Bravo, indicating an in-creased probability for terrorist attacks.
  • Military recruitment stations are a soft target for a shooter to attack military personnel. The service members are often unarmed, and there is no security between the recruiter and the outside world.
  • Practice and become familiar with TECC equipment and concepts prior to attacks, you will fall back on your training during a time of crisis.
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