Committee Invites

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Committee Liaison Chairs

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Board of Emeritus Advisors

Rick Mathews

Frank Butler, MD

Isaac Ashkenazi, MD

Alex Isakov, MD

Scott Sasser, MD

Howard Champion, MD

Mel Otten, MD

Tom Scalea, MD

Paul Pepe, MD

Brent Myers, MD

Roger Band, MD

Jeff Afman

Steve Giebner, MD

Donald Jenkins, MD

Corey Slovis, MD

Robert Mabry, MD

Mark Donald, PA-C

Raj Lal, MD

Committee Working Groups

Areas of the guidelines which may need future revisions/additions and medical topics that could influence or change the guidelines were identified at the December Committee meeting, and working groups on each of these were established. Each working group has been charged with examining all available literature on the topic selected and with developing recommendations for guideline changes to be presented for vote to the Guidelines Committee.

Integration of Rescue operations and Casualty Collection Points into TECC
LEAD: Sean Mckay

Implications of TECC on triage
LEAD: Mark Anderson

TECC science
LEAD: Matt Sztajnkrycer
LEAD: Alex Eastman

Special populations and TECC
LEAD: Joshua Bobko

International Working Group
LEAD: Geoff Shapiro
LEAD: Mark Anderson
LEAD: Erik Vu

First Recievers Working Group

Defining Direct Threat/Indirect Threat
LEAD: Reed Smith

Calcium & the Lethal Triad
LEAD: Ricky Ditzel

LEAD: Kevin Mcaveina 
LEAD: Ryan Pourhassanian

LEAD: Lee Palmer

Psychological Threat Mitigation
LEAD: Rich Kamin

Board of Advisors

Ameen Jamali, MD, Johns Hopkins University

William Gephart, PA-C, US Army Special Operations

Gary Kibbee, EMT-P, South San Francisco Fire Dept

Jose Henao, MD, US Navy

Alex Eastman, MD, Dallas Police Department

Crawford Mechem, MD, University of Pennsylvania

Rick Hammesfahr, MD, Marietta GA SWAT

Lawrence Heiskel, MD, International School of Tactical Medicine

James McGinnis, PA-C, Health Intervention and Disaster Response, George Washington University

David Slattery, MD, Las Vegas Fire and Rescue

Chief Michael Touchstone, Philadelphia Fire Department

SGT James Gordon, Los Angeles Police Department (RET)

Duane Caneva, MD, Customs and Border Protection

Peter Carlo, PA-C, Las Vegas SWAT

Darryl Stroud, Special Operations Group, London Fire Brigade (RET)

LT Tracy Frazzano, Township of Montclair Police Department

Kevin Gerold, MD, TEMS Section, NTOA

Glenn Bollard, MD, Gallatin County SRT

Stuart Thomas, Line9Medic Ltd UK

Matthew Wentzel , Psy.D, M.Ed, Blue Pearl Consulting

Kristina Anderson, KOSHKA Foundation for Safe Schools

Detective Eric Soderlund, Pinellas County Sheriff's Department

Chief Terry Nichols, Brownwood (TX) Police Deaprtment

Lee Palmer, US Army Reserves, Veterinary Corps

Nate Hiner, EMT-P, Arlington County Fire Department

Denis Fitzgerald, MD, CONTOMS

Greg Smith, EMT-P, CONTOMS

Andre Pennardt, MD, National TEMS Initiative and Council

Todd Baldridge, EMT-P, Orange County Fire Authority

Graham Ellis, Special Operations Group, London Fire Brigade

Phillip Spinella, MD, Washington University

Paul Dangerfield, MD, The George Washington University

Jeff Stern, PhD, Virginia Office of Emergency Management

Richard Schwartz, MD, Georgia Regents University

David Davis, Department of Homeland Security (RET)

Greg Chapman, PHTLS

James Robinson, EMT-P, International Association of EMS Chiefs

Kevin McAvenia, EMT-P, Department of State

Doug Isaacs, MD, Fire Department of New York

William Eisenhart, Clinical Instructor, George Washington University

Dr. David Chew, Singapore

Dr. Jason Jones, Alachua County Fire and Rescue

Dr. Claire Park, London's Air Ambulance

Dr. Jason Roosa, USACS

Dr. Josh Bobko, First Care Provider

James Vretis, DO, Center for Tactical Medicine

Liaison Positions

DHS/FBI/NCTC Joint Counter Terrorism Awareness Workshop Series Liaison

Coalition for Tactical Medicine Liaison

National TEMS Initiative and Council Liaison

International Trauma Life Support Liaison

PreHospital Trauma Life Support Liaison

Koshka Foundation for Safe Schools Liason