The Chairmen of C-TECC are proud to announce that the Koshka Foundation for Safe Schools has accepted a liaison seat on the Board of Advisors, and that Kristina Anderson, the Executive Director of the Koshka Foundation, will be personally joining the Board of Advisors.

From the website
Founded after the school tragedy of Virginia Tech on April 16, 2007, the Koshka Foundation was started to ensure the memory of April 16th is continued in meaningful ways.Dedicated towards impacting school safety and student education initiatives, our vision is a world that strongly believes in the power of youth and awareness as the greatest assets to a safer future.

Often, as first responders, we get focused on the tactics and details of the high risk operations in which we respond, potentially losing sight of the fact that at the other end of the operation is a young girl whose biggest decision of the day was which shoes to wear to class. Our work and preparation for high threat medical response must account for their stories as well.

Ms. Anderson is a compelling and powerful speaker with a story of survival that should be heard by all. Our hope is that this liaison with the Koshka Foundation, as well as the honor of having Kristina at the table with us, will allow the voice of the survivors, as well as those lost, to be an integral part of our process.